3500K كشافين طاقة شمسية مع لوح للطاقة الشمسية للجلسات الداخلية والخارجية -

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لن تحتاج الى الكهرباء بعد اليوم ولا تشغيل الإضاءة و إطفاء الأنوار كشاف الطاقة الشمسية عدد(2) مقاوم للماء اتوماتيك يشحن في النهار ويعمل في الليل .الأنارة بالإضاءة الصفراء وتعمل 8-10 ساعات بواسطة بطاريات الليثيوم 5500ملمبير يمكنكم التحكم بزاوية وميول اللوح الشمسي 

【SOLAR POWERED & AUTOMATIC & LONG WORKING TIME】 It's automatic, solar charges by it's self.As soon as the sun go down the light automatically come on. You don't have to turn it ON or OFF. No electric needed.Intelligent outdoor solar lamp, nice soft warm or white light more than 10 hours continuous light after fully charged.

▪【ADJUSTABLE SOLAR PANEL &SMALL DESIGN & RETRO STYLE】180 degree adjustable solar panel, easy to install. It takes about 10 minute-installation for a perfect lighting.You can adjust angle for the best daylight exposure.The flexible angle can meet different needs. Small design in retro style.

▪【WATERPROFF IP65 & OUTDOOR AND INDOOR USE】 The cord between the light and the solar panel is (3meters).Waterproof IP65, hermetically sealed solar module.Perfect for fitting at ceiling porch, cabin roof,tree,doorway,garden,bar, shed or anywhere outdoors, the door entrance home or at the garage.You can also place the solar panel outdoor,install the bulb light indoor for indoor lighting.

▪【DURABLE&LONGESE BATTERY LIFT&EASY REPLAEMENT】 Lithium batteries in the solar panel, battery lifespan is over 2 years.▪【PACKAGE】Solar light,batteries included, strong rack with screws mounting. Accessories are in package.


solar panel:3.5w 5V


led light color: warm LIGHT

battery:32650 lithium battery 3.2V 5500mah


lampshade material: PC

 shell material: PC+ ABS

lumens:260lm each lamp

working mode: automatically light on at night until the power is off

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